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27. July 2011

Sub-Carpathian Express 2011
(Kárpátalja Expressz)

-Through four frontiers on the former railwaytrack of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy-

9-11th september 2011
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    The positions of former Hungarian railway tracks were essential in creating the Trianon border. In this way the Sub-Carpathian Express travels along the tracks in a length of 230 kms abroad through areas inhabited mostly by Hungarians. However, the track in Transcarpathia was transformed to a broad gauge the standard gauge is still existing. Though, the different national population of this area had been separated for long decades by the border, it was only in 2010 that after 66 years of separation the first Hungarian train could drive along these tracks again. Time has come to re establish relationship and strengthen connections between these different nationalities of the area; namely Ukranians, Ruthenians, Romanians, Hungarians, and Slovakians.

    This is the second time that INFO 13 Khe. and MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd. gives the starting signal to the Sub-Carpathian Express with its Hungarian carriages to drive along the standard gauge tracks of Sub-Carpathia on the 9th september 2011. At this time the route on the late Hungarian main track leads through four different countries, as Slovakia is included.

Intended route:

    Budapest – Miskolc – Sárospatak – Sátoraljaújhely >H-SK< Kisújhely (Slovenské Nové Mesto) – Perbenyik-Királyhelmec (Príbeník) – Ágcsernyő (Čierna nad Tisou) >SK-UA< Csap (Csop) – Beregszász (Berehove) – Nevetlenfalu (Nevetlenfalu) >UA-RO< Halmi (Halmeu) – Szatmárnémeti (Satu Mare) – Érmihályfalva (Valea lui Mihai) >RO-H< Nyírábrány – Debrecen – Budapest

    The train will consist of a Nohab locomotive (Nr. 2761 017-9, ex. M61 017) and 8 passanger carriages, and 2 restaurant carriages.

Planned programme:

    On 9th September 2011, Friday, 5.45 am departure from Budapest-Nyugati railway station. The train drives along the previous Budapest – Sátoraljaújhely – Munkács – Lavocsne main railway track to Bátyú station. Our first stop will be in the vicinity of Királyhelmec in Sub-Carpathia at Perbenyik station. Later the train crosses the Ukrainian border at Ágcsernyő. After the celebration party at Csap the Nohab locomotive will be exchanged to a “Sergey” (M62) and we travel along towards Beregszász on the existing standard gauge. Accommodation will be provided by local residents around Beregszász at families, organized by country home tourism. Therefore, everyone should take off the train at the related station, where they will be greeted by their hosts, who will provide supper for the evening as well.

    On 10th September 2011, Satuday, after having breakfast at their hosts’ participants in small groups will alternately take part in the following different programs: sightseeing tour in Beregszász, visiting some local museums, traveling by a narrow gauge railway to Nagybereg, where a folk weave fair will be organized for us, traveling by bus to Csetfalva, Mezővári, and Tiszacsoma. In the evening our supper will be taken at II. Rákóczi Ferenc College. Naturally, we are expecting the Roman Catholic, the Greek Catholic, and the Presbyterian, and the Orthodox religious leaders to say grace, and share our supper. During the supper we will be able to enjoy the performance of different orchestras, and later the evening will be closed by a hearty folk dance for those who are brave enough.
    For the train-fans we can assure a cruise on the whole network of the narrow gauge railway against surcharge.

    On 11th September 2011, Sunday, the train gathers all the passengers from every village and continues its way to Nevetlenfalu. They are expecting us now already with local performances, and jams, and other hand-made crafts to sell. Later we cross the Ukrainian border and we reach the northern part of Partium. Our first stop will be Szatmárnémeti, and later on in the afternoon our last will be Érmihályfalva, where an overwhelming celebration is to be expected. We arrive to Budapest at about 9 or 10 pm.

Planned Schedule:
  • Departure: 5:45 am, Friday, Budapest-Nyugati railway station (arrival to Beregszász at about 6 pm.)
  • Arrival: 9:42 pm, Sunday, Budapest-Nyugati railway station
    On the way there the train will stop at Miskolc for passengers to get on, while back at Debrecen for taking off.

    The exact schedule will be announced later.

The right of change is reserved!

  • support the recognition of national railway by our modest means
  • call attention to the possibility of a transport, tourist, and economic cross-border cooperation even in the Eastern region
  • cultivate Hungarian and Ukranian friendly relations
  • estabilish a long- range regional cooperation over borders to reach higher employment ratio
  • enhance the self-respect of Hungarian population in the region

The cost of the journey is 39.800 Ft/ person. It contains:
  • the price of the ticket to Sub-Carpathian Express
  • the price of the ticket to Beregszász narrow gauge train
  • two nights’ accommodation, one with supper, the other with breakfast
  • entry ticket to a museum in Beregszász
  • the costs of the bus and the tourist guide
  • the costs of the supper at the College with one glass of drink

The special program for train-fans costs 44.000 HUF/person, which includes:
  • the cruise on the whole network of the narrow gauge railway
  • the costs of the special trip with buses to railway stations of the narrow gauge railway
  • the special location on the Express – always immediately behind the engine

    Travelling insurance is not included it can be signed separately.
    Withdrawal would be accepted till 10th August, later we wouldn’t be able to refund the deposit.

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For more information visit:

INFO 13 Khe.
+36 (1) 239-1784, or +36 (30) 456-0192

A valid passport is needed for travelling.

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